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Caring for children with love since 1983

About our daycare

Back in 1983, with the impending birth of the second of our three daughters, and a booming real estate market, I decided to return to work. Thus, the quest for child care was launched. Not a one of the (many) centers nor licensed homes met my standards. Either the food was below par, or the rooms were dimly lit or the toys tired and missing parts.

With my ECE back ground, the decision to open and run a QUALITY licensed home came naturally.

My Home. My High Standards

What sets us apart
  • Healthy, nutritious, stick to your ribs, comforting homemade food.

  • SMART PLAY (no batteries- we run on imagination!). My (600sqft) playroom is plenty big enough for our fantasies! Our stage settings have taken us to wondrous places! We have “traveled” to the Grand Canyon (made a “canyon meat loaf” complete with layers from prehistoric times). We lived the life of a beehive then an anthill for over three weeks (insect and bug study)! We have been starving artists, hobos, and construction workers on site for a month! We have “flown” on an airplane and been on safaris. The solar system is no stranger to our circle (hula hoops make for a terrific Saturn and we got a work out to boot). Never have there been more enthusiastic astronauts-with their empty laundry detergent bottle air tanks and sponge moon shoes! We have our own special court room for resolving issues; we run our own grocery store (selecting REAL ingredients for our theme meals). We have had a zoo-complete with habitats and zoo keepers. Our activity of the week/month is visited and reinforced throughout the day via food, dramatic play, Puppet Theater and role play, our own songs and rhymes, dress up, and our imaginative architecture. We immerse ourselves in our pretenses-they are so real to us! We embrace and live the learning of the moment!

    The playroom is otherwise well planned, with soft carpeting and tiled floors to make any activity a success. Toys are carefully selected, easily accessible and strategically placed for common use – yet occasionally reshuffled-just to see what the kids will come up with, how THEY would repurpose a collection. Like a well played Scrabble game (board), the entire playroom is used, with zoned areas focusing on specific activities and ages of the children.

  • Lots of natural light! Our whimsical sheer treatments over lots of windows mean we watch the seasons come and go. There are no scary dark corners at Jana’s House.

  • The playroom is nice and clean. We like to put away one kind of toy before taking out another. We are proud to cooperate and help each other, because when everybody does their share, the job gets done! We can move onto other challenges and make believes.

  • You are truly heroic: balancing family, home and a career. I appreciate how many responsibilities you are coordinating, how precious time is to you. How tired, overwhelmed you are. My home is your respite! I supply diapers, solid food, bedding…. Relax; there is nothing for you to forget. You bring only what I feed from a bottle! I will let you know, when I am getting low on formula. Each family has a bin. Periodically I will ask that you refresh spare clothing as your child grows or to fit the seasons. I launder what is soiled, and replace your belongings into your collection.

  • Organized and efficient. Through the years, I have learned to streamline and pre-do so many tasks that truly no step, no action is a waste. I wouldn’t call myself a hoarder, but I do stock up. In an effort to encourage the children to be kind to our planet, we save and reuse so many things-creatively, of course!

  • Last, but not least: My home is a dependable and reliable happy place for little people to be. I am here for YOU and yours, 100%.

  • And, “there’s always time for a hug”!

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